Randonneur Application Form

Please fill out the following application form below within fourteen (14) days of registering. This application is required for all entrants who wish to start The 508. We will review your application to confirm that you are qualified to enter.

The 508 is an extremely challenging event, even for solos and teams with a support car. As a randonneur at The 508 you must be prepared for extreme changes in weather, the effects of altitude, very mountainous terrain, varying and extreme wind speeds, a course with extremely limited resources, and whatever else the desert wants to throw at you. Finishing other 500-mile events solo does not automatically qualify you for The 508. You must demonstrate your ability to not only do the mileage, but do the mileage with the extremes listed above in mind. In addition the application for below, you will be asked to submit a race plan with strategies outlining how you will address event specific challenges. The Race Director must approve your race plan before you can be permitted to start the event. If we deem you are not qualified to enter, we will cancel and refund your entry immediately. Service charges are NOT refundable. You accept the risk of losing said fees if you attempt enter the race without reasonable, relevant experience.

Totems: We use animal totems rather than numbers to identify racers in the Silver State 508. Each racer may request, or will receive, an animal totem as part of the application process. Returning racers will have the same totems as before. New riders may request a specific animal totem when they submit their entry form, however only the Race Director can officially assign animal totems. Totems, whether nickname, mascot, alter ego, second identity, or spirit guide, are permanent and non-transferable. For more info on totems and which totems are already taken, click here.

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