The Mountain West Ultra Cup

brought to you by

Race Across Oregon | Hoodoo 500 | The Silver State 508

There is an all new ultracycling competition, The Mountain West Ultra Cup, created and brought to you by the Race Directors of Race Across Oregon, Hoodoo 500, and The 508—the 3 most challenging, most scenic, and all around greatest 500+ mile races in the world!

Racers who complete 2 out of 3 races in a calendar year, receive special recognition, awards, prizes, accolades, kudos and a place in ultracycling history Any distance and division counts, whether team or solo. Sign-up and buckle up for the toughest challenge in the West!

Are you made of metal? Then complete 3 out of 3 and we’ll really make a HUGE DEAL out of you!

For the cherry on top—for those of you who aspire to race longer and farther, each one of these outstanding events is a qualifier for the Race Across America. If you’re the type who prefers relay racing to solo endeavors, the “shorter” distance events are the perfect way to train your support crews for RAAM!

We, the Race Directors, are excited to join together to support and promote each other’s events, and to provide meaningful, inspiring and memorable experiences for you.

Come join the fun!

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