The 508 Hall of Fame

The 508 Hall of Fame honors those athletes who have shown a long-term commitment to pursuing their personal and athletic goals on the famed and fabled 508 race courses. Inductees into the Hall of Fame have finished a minimum of five 508 events, in any division or combination of divisions. Each year's class of inductees are recognized at the 508 Pre-Race Meeting, in the 508 Magazine, and here. Congratulations to all Hall of Fame members! Click the Go! button for each rider's history, photos, and stats.

Go! Rick Ashabranner Mountain House, CA 2014 Akita, Quack, and Asp
Go! Brad Atencio Richland, WA 2013 Chinook, Honu
Go! Gary Baierl Lake Forest, CA 2008 Bear, Falcons, Dragon Bear, and Pocket Gopher
Go! Wade Baker Atascadero, CA 2009 Wren and WrenTit
Go! Robert Baldino Coronado, CA 2011 Mahi Mahi
Go! Bernie Barge San Miguel 2008 Basenji, Morro Eel, Golden Drasenji, and TwoCan
Go! Brenda Barnell Torrance, CA 2013 Basenji, TwoCan, and Hammerdillo
Go! Sam Beal Mountain View, CA 2007 Seal
Go! Catharine Berge Vollezele, Belgium 2013 Bumble Bee, Bumble Skipper, Picklend Herring, Rock Ewe, and Twice Sambar
Go! Adam Bickett San Diego, CA 2015 Rock Rabbit
Go! Andrew Bohannon Sunnyvale, CA 2006 Blowfish
Go! Linda Bott Ventura, CA 2012 Monarch Butterfly, Foo Dogs, Two Turtle Doves, and Centi-Speed
Go! Anthony Boyd Redlands, CA 2015 Red Bull and Chase-adon
Go! Rodney Boyd Laguna Beach, CA 2015 Red Bull and Chase-adon
Go! Robert Brudvik Edmonds, WA 2014 Bush Baby, Bush Hound, and Bush Plankton
Go! Jack Brunk Newbury Park, CA 2011 Prairie Falcon
Go! Steve Bursley Pleasanton, CA 2016 Racing Roosters, Spike the Wonder Dog, Wild Hare, and Magical Liopleurodon
Go! Roehl Caragao Bakersfield, CA 2004 Quail, Centipede, T-Rex, Red Robin, Red-Legged Frog, Fire Ants, Mighty Millipede, and Mantis Shrimp
Go! Hector Chavez Pacific Grove, CA 2014 Western Wood Pewee
Go! Lori Cherry Fresno, CA 2011 Leatherback Turtles, Mighty Millipede, Gulo Gulo, and Hammer Frogs
Go! John T. Clare Long Beach, CA 2009 Bluebird, Silver Foxes, Foals, and Sunfish
Go! John Clare Long Beach, CA 2017 Foals, Sunfish, White Owl, Desert Eagle
Go! William West Clark, Jr. Salinas CA 2010 Western Wood Pewee
Go! Victor Cooper Torrance, CA 2016 Tiger Gecko and Sking
Go! Bob Corman Mountain View, CA 2014 Spike the Wonder Dog, Wolfdog, and Mad Cow
Go! Dan Crain Irvine, CA 2007 Gastropod, Onager, Silver Foxes, Crane, Whooping Cranes, and Sandhill Cranes
Go! Sean Cuddihy Long Beach, CA 2013 Batula and Crow
Go! Tom Culbertson Earlysville,VA 2016 Capybara
Go! Scott Dakus Henderson, NV 2012 Loon
Go! Brian Davidson Hawthorne, CA 2014 Bonobo, Emperor Moth, and Emperor Tamarin
Go! Megan Dean Los Angeles, CA 2014 Bonobo, Blue Footed Booby, and Wild Burros
Go! Joan Deitchman Sunnyvale, CA 2014 Kites, Nanook, Trojan Rabbits, Pygmy Jerboa, and Diana Monkey
Go! Dan Dibb Long Beach, CA 2010 Horse, Horse Flies, and Missing Lynx
Go! Isabelle Drake Long Beach, CA 2011 E. Coli, Wrentit, Liger, Sandhill Cranes, Hammer Frogs, and Hodag
Go! Chris Eisenbarth El Granada, CA 2014 Blue Whale
Go! Michael Emde Spokane, WA 2010 Alpine Ibex
Go! Ken Emerson San Jose, CA 2016 Zorilla, Spotted Ass, and Whistle Pig
Go! David Everhart Hayward, CA 2017 Nor-Cal Hellcats
Go! Leonard Fancher Anchorage, AK 2016 Coho and Dog Salmon
Go! David Farey Rancho Cucamonga, CA 2018 Red Necked Falcon
Go! Reed Finfrock Springville, CA 2004 Flamingo
Go! David Fischer Kennewick, WA 2004 Chinook
Go! James Gilman Salinas, CA 2009 Western Wood Pewee
Go! Bill Hanf Kennewick, WA 2008 Chinook
Go! Paul Harris Westlake Village, CA 2015 Prairie Falcon and Bloodhound
Go! Jeff Henley Glendora, CA 2016 Black Scorpion and Nervous Tick
Go! Neal Herman Mountain View, CA 2014 Spike the Wonder Dog, Zombie Squirrel, Wolf Pack, and Wild Hare
Go! John Hewitt Alta Loma, CA 2016 Black Scorpion and Nervous Tick
Go! Seana Hogan Gilfory, CA 2004 Hoopoe, Manticore, and Flying Hoopoe Voles
Go! David Holt Laguna Niguel, CA 2010 Mudcat and Timber Tiger
Go! Chris Hopkins Castro Valley, CA 2017 Nor-Hellcats
Go! Gil Hopkins Castro Valley, CA 2015 Magical Leopleurodon, Barking Spiders, and Nor-Cal Hellcats
Go! Nicole Honda Ventura, CA 2010 Golden Sun Dragon, Golden Dragon, Golden Drasenji, Golden Gyrfalcon, and Gyrfalcon 2
Go! Francis-Marlon Ignacio Duarte, CA 2013 Picachu
Go! David A. Jones Canoga Park, CA 2009 Donkey
Go! Ron Jones Bakersfield, CA 2004 Sasquatch, Hammerhead, Centipede, Bison, and Screamin Eagles
Go! Jay Kilby Los Gatos, CA 2014 Spike the Wonder Dog and Mad Cow
Go! Marnel King Campbell, CA 2010 Zorilla
Go! Paul Kingsbury Elmira, CA 2015 Falcons and Northern Spring Peepers
Go! Emmy Klassen Bakersfield, CA 2004 Kangaroo, Ocelot, Pelican, Fire Ants, and Cpt-N-Kangaroo
Go! Laurence Kluck Eureka, CA 2010 Tarpon
Go! Scott Kollins Durham, NC 2017 Black Angus Cow
Go! Greg Lester Cazadero, CA 2010 Merlin
Go! Dana Lieberman Valley Village, CA 2017 Sea Dragon, Puca Fairy, , New Guinea Signing Dog, Dragon Bear, and Pocket Gopher
Go! Jeff Lindenthal Salinas, CA 2016 Western Wood Pewee
Go! Tim Marks Andover, WA 2015 Pileated Woodpecker and Hellhound
Go! Barry Martin San Diego, CA 2007 Night Owl and Gray Fox
Go! Jeff Martin Aachen, Germany 2013 Jaguar and Desert Crickets
Go! Paul McKenzie Richmond, CA 2015 Muddy Mudskipper, Bumble Skipper, Twice Sambar, and Mute Swan
Go! Mike Moseley Bakersfield, CA 2004 Tasmanian Devil, Caribou, Centipede, T-Rex, Tanzilla, Tumble Bug, Fire Ants, and Cpt-N-Kangaroo
Go! David Nakai Fallbrook, CA 2008 Basenji, Nematode, Fireflies, and Spirit Bear
Go! Willy Nevin Pacifica, CA 2014 Tortuga, Long-Eared Jerboa, Gray Goose, and Shar-Pei Kats
Go! Greg Page Salinas, CA 2010 Polecat, Horseflies, and Missing Lynx
Go! Jewett Pattee Long Beach, CA 2004 Whippet
Go! Mark Patten San Jose, CA 2004 Panther, Pitsnake, and Tibia
Go! Doug Patterson Orange, CA 2010 Polar Bear, Squirtel, and Ratel
Go! Patrice Pellerin Beaconsfield, QE, Canada 2014 Blue Frog
Go! Joe Petersen Bakersfield, CA 2006 Hammerhead, OrCa, Pegasus, Poodle, TwoCan, and Hammerdillo
Go! Jennie Phillips Danville, CA 2013 Pupfish, Relucent Phoenix, Hammer Frogs, and Rock Ewe
Go! Kurt Pickle Danville, CA 2012 Prairie Falcon, Bloodhound, and Great Horned Owl
Go! Jason Pierce Oakland, CA 2014 Clownfish, Magical Leopleurodon, Pudu, and Pudu & the Pussycats
Go! Graham Pollock Folsom, CA 2011 Python
Go! Peter Pop Malibu, CA 2004 Penguin and Poodle
Go! Jim Pyatt Modesto, CA 2016 Eland and Thundering Eland
Go! Chris Ragsdale Seattle, WA 2013 Ram
Go! Rick Reddell Rancho Cucamonga 2016 Black Scorpion and Nervous Tick
Go! Craig Robertson Davis, CA 2013 Scoters, Davis Drills, Relucent Phoenix, Scarab, and Twice Sambar
Go! Matt Ruscigno Los Angeles, CA 2014 Bonobo, Desert Locust, and "Dessert Locust"
Go! Jim Ryan Sammamish, WA 2010 Falcons, Pancake Tortoise, Northern Spring Peepers, and Pocket Gopher
Go! Kerry Ryan Bakersfield, CA 2004 Bison and Buffalo
Go! Del Scharffenberg Milwaukie, OR 2009 Spider
Go! Anne Schneider Davis, CA 2004 Snaildarter, Red Rockettes, and Snowdarter
Go! Barry Schon Minneapolis, MN 2010 Zorilla
Go! Jon Shellenbarger Anaheim, CA 2015 Sunfish, Snoopy, Onager, Snoopy & the Red Baron, and Desert Eagle
Go! David Shinsky Walnut Creek, CA 2015 River Cooters and Lulu Bird
Go! Ken Shoemaker Los Altos Hills, CA 2018 Cao de Agua
Go! Matt Skipper Castaic, CA 2014 TwoCan and Water Dog
Go! Tim Skipper Castaic, CA 2010 Poodle, TwoCan, Basenji, and Water Dog
Go! Erik Skramstad Boulder City, NV 2018 Sailfish, Sloth, Sergeant Major, Loon, and Borracho Sloth
Go! Bob Smith Bakersfield, CA 2004 Cougar, Caribou, Centipede, T-Rex, and Red Robin
Go! Chad Smith Danville, CA 2012 Prairie Falcon and Bloodhound
Go! Joel Sothern Thousand Oaks, CA 2013 Southern Vole, Flying Voles, and Flying Hoopoe Voles
Go! Jeanine Spence Fresno, CA 2013 Rock Ewe, Hammer Frogs, and Twice Sambar
Go! Dennis Spencer Salinas, CA 2018 Western Wood Peewee and Bird Dog
Go! Rich Staley Reno, NV 2018 Great Basin Ichthyosaur
Go! Brian Stark Paso Robles, CA 2004 Sheep, Jellyfish, and Morro Eel
Go! Jeff Stevenson Solvang, CA 2013 Saluki
Go! Diane Strycula Burbank, WA 2009 Chinook
Go! Joshua Talley Santa Monica, CA 2016 Escape Goat
Go! Steve Teal Phelan, CA 2011 Desert Duck
Go! Donald Turner Mill Valley, CA 2014 Blue Whale
Go! George Vargas Newport Beach, CA 2011 Red-Eyed Vireo and Hutton's Vireo
Go! Paul Vlasveld San Jose, CA 2011 Prairie Dog, Simorgh, and Cao de Agua
Go! Christina Waitzman Belmont, CA 2015 Siafu and Super Tabby
Go! Kevin Walsh Lancaster, CA 2006 Wolverine and Gulo Gulo
Go! Ron Way Downey, CA 2005 Whippet, Worm, and Leatherback Turtles
Go! Keith Weitz Durham, NC 2017 Black Angus Cow
Go! Danny Westergaard Rolling Hills, CA 2012 Weiner Dog
Go! Jerry Wildermuth Whittier, CA 2004 Whippet
Go! John Williams Wofford Heights, CA 2004 Walrus, Weasel, Warthog, Morro Eel, and TwoCan
Go! Steve Winfrey Camarillo, CA 2004 Scorpion and Lizard-Scorpion
Go! Timothy Woudenberg Moss Beach, CA 2009 Werewolf
Go! Bill Zimmerman Carmel Valley, CA 2009 Western Wood Pewee